Die Talkshow zu Fahrrad und Mikromobility

Podcast Nr. 82 – Tom Ritchey (Eurobike 2016, Teil 2) - Fahrradio

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Thomas hat mit Tom Ritchey gesprochen, einem der Pioniere des Mountainbikes. Er hat zusammen mit Gary Fisher und Joe Breeze Ende der 1970er das Mountainbike erfunden. Das ist natürlich etwas vereinfacht dargestellt. Thomas spricht mit ihm über Radfahren, Rahmenbau und die Fahrradindustrie. Die Qualität ist nicht soo gut, aber inhaltlich werden alle Liebhaber der Fahrradgeschichte auf ihre Kosten kommen. Vielleicht wird dies der erste Teil der innofiziellen Serie: „Legenden der Fahrradgeschichte”.

Mehr zu Tom Ritchey in der englischen Wikipedia und in der Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.

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smile with me outside sunny weather of the universe 02 and 2015
American Girl store 2602
name a couple of other kids in Milan said in email even more than that as far as attending a feeling you’re up this is pretty shot and killed definitely turned out to be the best show ever
arthritic because I had ended the first show to ever been on any meanwhile there any any other 25 shows and it’s impressive and it doesn’t seem like 25 years in business even longer
story of my company is probably you know not know there a lot of people because if people think of my friend think of me from the mountain bike point of view but really
does Michigan 10 years almost before mountain bikes guys got going I was the youngest I was building my own since 15 years old I was I felt great
my own bike back in 1972 it was it was so many years of racing and building and building for others and actually building quite a few components
during those early years to respond it prepared me to be at the right place and right time when the sport was in its infancy
I wish I was very much involved with the racing side of road bikes
Nashville scene on the world scene and for the performance of the bike was always important to me than the
you know there was there was people that I knew that was a word using the letters and clunker and fights like this though
they were before I built my first fight and what I knew about them and because it’s a small world in the Bay area today are you having a lonely female 5060 hour drive to me in an hour drive to San Jose to Morgan Hill and the sugar culture was
Jesus Culture Riverside
the epicenter of racing in the United States in the Bay Area that time was also the beginning of the business side there are other companies that specialize with their analysis and held a bike shop and my computer Wi-Fi
Reliable Auto Body Raleigh super course her when I was eleven years old from to Jocelyn that’s awesome but if I didn’t I’d actually my dad taught me how to repair tubular tires
11th and Willow Hoboken Needed Somebody
to do that job because they didn’t have that skill and there was of course it was the world of tubular and until I became the sun I said if I prepared to be there for you as a surprise
review a barter for a good I bought her that you guys are always super course and he said yes and I ended up in taking deliveries three months later
the first bike I bought and I was pretty much the only bike I forgot if you could change anything on anybody like my feelings a little bit more than just building my first friend
I couldn’t afford anything and I really like the idea building a frame wasn’t wasn’t when I was
11 years old yeah idea of buying a nice bike course was my plan but I can only afford a broken to know it’s okay and so in order to try to prevent it I had to repair the broken Tower
it was a big favor if it’s not a very good price on it its like $50 and I repaired the TV and I realized in the repairing of the bike Andrew frame repair
I was looking at other things I was looking at the building of a bike possibly the future but what happened is it said
other people realize that I repair the bike they wanted their bike repair so I went from repairing a Cheesesteak and replacing it down through the roof to repair the same thing
in a very condensed period of time and as I put these these English by can even tell you my car I realized
we were so poor that I didn’t want one of these life anymore I want to go by myself so there’s a dream to Spanish dictionary
when I had to take the bike apart and realized it was it was you know very poorly constructed and even though the outside looks very nice inside but was not that nice
one of the one of the influences in my life for any of your crap
always wanted to tell you every year or every other year to end any order to buy container made by first and foremost a picture and taking deliveries on my face on my company website but he
you never trusted me in the very beginning because I was 15 years old building my own by German engineer
What proportion earlier that designed the 911 braking system is very likely to do this do this do this you know kind of very
autocratic and not to make fun of your of your nature but to me that you know that’s how he was to me he is 15 years old and really it took
it took me years later and he broke part of his reputation
until he broke his email his campaign promise broken in three years time he was coming to me and I Was preparing this is Tannerite
and by the time he was here for years have to pay for it anyway did you find it okay you tell me when okay anyway at that point
the story for us is kind of like another story but the first building
in the very beginning I move building from taking other bikes and repaired out of my car and I you know between the age of 11 and 1415 so so there was there was quite a bit of you know I’m kind of you know
doing all kinds of things with my father and my father’s help. It’s not that difficult for me because I found the guy that was there was a very
obscure Franco there in the Bay Area that was in my neighborhood that have to bring that told me enough to him to go over the pool and you’re still doing it still driving
no I’m only getting a couple classes to my son and friend but I’m doing something in England in a couple of days that’s what I heard but they probably sold out yeah I know I am in Ocala
toy with the idea that I would I would do this more in the future and that it coincides with a number of things I’m hungry
you know we’re approaching the the plight of the other part of my product line and bringing them back with some changes within the group
there’s a few that I think that you know if you know my story is a component designer
some things don’t happen for a long time I have an idea how to do something for 2 years ago and really it’s as if it comes about that I do them when the material
any idea manufacture the vendor at all these pieces come together and to and I realized it possible to do something I don’t know
I’ve always been number 1
probiotic pills you know that the only thing that I think
Freaky Friday casino on Friday night still raised
the big races that are you know on the mountain bike side primarily and then I test my product and then I have a very close relationship with Thomas and it seems
and the best riders in the world with Thomas Christmas party so you know we are associated with with the key inside for 26 years now and in many world champions and Olympic champions
Thomas it is only is only
better in terms of friendship plus product development kind of input and if so you know whether it’s Thomas himself is that really understands the bike better and knows what he’s trying to do for his team which would give them the best the best opportunity to win
where is my closest location with the Riders and riding with them and asking them questions and trying to find out you know what their needs
we thought it was very authentic way of the type of product development
no I’m not going to be the first time in forever to do things but when I get around to it yet I think this side of town tomorrow Minecraft weird because I’m not going to come out with something until it’s right
okay um I’ve got to be honest and I have had to have to tell her to my list that I thought okay I am we met you said okay with making an interview and then I have to go to the cheapest and have a look at you hot sexy beautiful

you know if it’s been one of those things as I continue to make the Breakaway in the Breakaway was hitting the pipe that that was really all that I was offered until this year
course I wanted to make but I wanted you to know kind of you know put the effort into the pipeline but as you know I’m I’m what I’m going to do and what I have time for it
it was the company of people that I work for work with me
I want to do something different and it really took this long for them to want to do it actually a company have to take them this is just some stuff
until the market is right. I guess I have to tell the most of the Bison on the cob on no aluminum carbon bike is it is a breakaway specific by
then there will be another another brother that bike then I’ll be across one in the next year so
it’s kind of near to me in terms of my lifestyle and what I what I want
the quality of life that I want to ride and if you can travel and I know that I know that for a lot of people it’s the same story so maybe not so much here in Europe that back home
and having a top-of-the-line cycle goes into the cave has always been kind of my colon and I consider the new club in 13357
will you
reasons that I said I did too, by the way I did the car look like first of all kind of bikes these days are not
okay I need backup
7000 as a 15 year old in 1972 the world still really hasn’t changed for 50 years
2000 construction methods
and basically friends and yes the sun is the same design
was really was pretty much a non-moving on it was going on
horizontal to diameter conversion from when I went to Columbus with 1984 they showed me on the wall the specification of Columbus FL tubing from 1898
as far as material goes inside a meter
it was him he has not got a hold of you. Nothing nothing the quality of the steel was a problem but Nissan in sightings in diameter is an end in Geometry really was was for the most part
as soon as a person from 1972 that was that was looking at this has a person that was surrounded by
Silicon Valley Tech engineers in terms of interdependent the culture of Engineers and people that work
making big changes in the world that the world hasn’t even contributed to them that the staff when they were good they were just send you there that’s why they weren’t celebrating the name Silicon Valley didn’t even have to sleep in a mountain bike
they put me on the cover of the Bison in 1981 and they called it back country cycling I mean in 1981 mountain bikes they still haven’t approached you know critical mass so anyways long story short
the way that the city of the world
looked at the bicycle was the steel bicycle it would feel like if it’s been there for quite some time the way it is in there for
wonderful things that sit sit sit
that I can that I can be thankful for because it was a result of being born there at that at that period of time and in buildings that resemble everything was measured from the steel platform
you know there was of course there was all kinds of aircraft grade aluminum
it wasn’t worth it was a company you know the CMC was not popular there was no real
types of things going on at that time there was but there was anyone there real Aerospace technology $15 but if there’s any of those traditional components that were being made ever made by General Machining and forging
is methodology in MD
I feel this because steel was the measuring blocks of all things that work and if it was your fault that material for everything that he trusted
yeah but it feels like too much pain or 20 years and be repairable and all those teachers with built-in to the way you thought of this as it as a person that I can store your person trying to go crazy trying to improve the bike or whatever it was that your benchmark was always feel feel feel feel
McCain kill your cable to steal your smokes are still here you’re actually still of course all these very important part of your life with and function
creating a predictable way are still sealed and in the end you know in a very important way to forget how much is a bike is steel
info for steel comes to you in the form of a seal that goes to the moon is still there is there such thing as a barbed wire and nail into the ring it still can be made as a unique granite
aluminum but less than carbon much less for a titanium necklace for a cough
critical factor mean when it comes to wait until 5 but I am very long process of getting back to the break away from Carpinteria to the value
at the point which carbon started to enter the enter the market
for the first time with Nutella 9 carbon bikes that was from a company in Southern California that there was a mistake of making it making aircraft Parts in Carbondale Illinois
Today Show anyway during that early mid seventies there was new materials of course people with no playing around titanium they were playing around with him along with us as a company of French women have company but the main thing that was part of my
where my status of my value that was a forced measure against the old how does it rate against you and what is the you know what are the five characteristics of characteristic
it was the day I don’t think too many people would be interested in carbon fiber fiber today isn’t it cereal
because it is lightweight and aerodynamic design is not
who is Right characteristics good as a seal by the way it’s going back to 1972
it’s going back to Conventional diameter
you need to vent you need a carbon fiber bike with conventional diameter slightly oversized to steal in order for you to have to drive characteristics
the people are beginning to be no beginning appreciated see you again
you know why because you’re coming by please let this end either they bought it for $10,000 it was this fight that was just amazing because he got talked into buying because it was the most was the fastest before it was given to them
yeah and there’s tremendous you know the difference between a razor and the seventies and a razor is it in 40 years later it’s the it’s the amount of
stuff that is given out that never was a part of part of the support when I was when I was racing maybe you have that in your ass but there was
there was no deposit required every writer was a writer work
in a normal job race ratio in his spare time trade in his spare time afforded everything you practically had repaired everything to the right or was the whole thing he was the whole team
I mean as in terms of sponsorship it was very few people that I knew that had even Skype which was maybe a plane ticket
or maybe somebody was going to give me but you know I live in that world and I saw that I had I was on the phone the edge of it before your mom came in and if things change in the Pro side came in but
there’s a big difference between a culture that is his only knowing Sports from you know very you know very much as positive side
in a lot of pain a lot of free no product it is said instead of you know being pushed by the marketing size of a lot of companies that developed over the last four years and people finder
husband do you think that the time is right now that people like appreciate you again and the factors that are all the people the fact that if I could be like a comfortable comfortable
there’s a lot that I mean if you have to search the right place when it starts the right hand of the six characteristics when you talking about comfort
you know this game has been going on now for you know 20 or 25 years and trying to Market it companies in marketing thing
so there’s no comfort that comes from the design of the wheel you know in the end
tires in all kinds of things of comfort that comes from the French brand design company that comes as the consequences of the lotto
you know a lot of other factors in Saddle designs in the titles were comfortable they were designed for comfort you know how to design for sex I feel now that he knows I look at you in the streets over the saddle and it turned into fat
answer this what happens to clothing company now I need to put a half inches hiding in your closet in order to provide another sexy looking so there’s a lot of
cause and effect and unintended consequences is left a lot of people confused I don’t really know what concert is in March they don’t know what why a steel bike
find the way I feel like I said you know there’s probably 90% of the people looking at still hearing rumors that is comfortable but not really understanding why it’s based on tubing diameter it’s based on you know a material that is
that is that is that have the modulus elasticity this different than the other materials if there’s a lot of
engineering is Nikki can I buy calculations you know and you know if you take a beautiful feel like that’s very authentic you know dating back for Comfort plus a 4 p.m.
Victoria ride or whatever and you put a 60 millimeter in a 38 millimeter detection Carbon Trim on it you going to have a completely rigid but for it to be it’s not going to be there
as much as other well-thought-out
but if you go back and look at 32 spoke wheels 36 spoke wheels near section tubular rims all these other things that complement it take you to drive all the characteristics of a destructive energy and still working and still would like
you can’t you can barely recreate that now people will have much more to discover in the comfort store
one last probably because the time is right for both Stephen and underwear cold outside
will there ever be in by the way can anybody get home you should I understand I like to move it I like going off of the Woods
I don’t want to have to worry about my equipment
if I go off and I’m out of cellphone range and I have a mechanical problem it better not be electrical
you know about it until I got to stay with products that I know I get myself out of town not the electrical isn’t of value in City
it’s it’s it’s not who I am I’m going to I’m going to run to not worry about anything because I’m I’m I’m home
you know I like to ride in the Jeep in the Deep the unknown places are places that are going to be very difficult to get myself out if I have a mechanic I’ve got to be a mechanic I got it and it’s not inviting
brought in the mindset of writer mechanic
that a writer has to ride within the limits of his own understanding of the fight and that’s how we win
let me know when he went with all this all this you know training and incredible and you know that but he wins because he understands the limit of the spine


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